Why Participate?

So why participate? Well if you are chosen to be a part of the program, you could get an opportunity to be a part of a host of activities as part of our "Tech Drive” program.
  • Experience firsthand the design, R&D and manufacturing process at Tata Motors.
  • Interact with our experts to understand our vision and mission for Tata Motors and Indian automobiles.
  • Participate in exclusive drives - get a unique perspective on our new and upcoming products.
  • Have exclusive access to select Tata Motor events.
  • Have the opportunity to be a part of Car Clinics, which is an avenue for you to share your thoughts with us.
Look at what the earlier participants have to say about their experiences

"This initiative is unique and excellent. This develops a much needed connect with outside world”
-says Soumitro

“No firm interacts with the customers this way with the fully sponsored trip to detailed demo of the car- everything was perfect”
- says Samiran

“One of a kind initiative to understand what goes on behind the scenes. Kudos to you”
-says Yatharth

“This is unique initiative actually connecting the brand to the customer directly.”
-says Jitin

“Trust through transparency, is a myth in the automotive industry- this is a great initiative in that direction”
-says Balasubramanyn

“A unique initiative as it gives the in depth details of work and time that goes in for a car”
-says Rahul

“A first of its kind initiative in India. The level of transparency shared by senior TMC members was really good”
-says Sandeep

“A great opportunity to connect with the folks behind the products”
-says Arun

“Yes it is a unique initiative as it connects not only the users of Tata but others as well, this has given us a platform to share our ideas”
-says Shruthi

“This is a unique initiative. I have not seen any OEM in India doing such activities by involving a group of connected people irrespective of owners or not”
-says Radhakrishna