At Tata Motors, we take great pride in being the pioneers in Indian Automobiles. Being one of the indigenous car manufacturers in India, we are extremely passionate about what we do. With Horizonnext, we have embarked on an ambitious journey to revolutionize the future of Indian Automobiles.
In any journey, the people you partner with are as important as the final destination. As we move forward in this journey of building great products and world class experience, we would love to connect with those who are equally passionate about cars and technology.
With this aim in mind, we launched "TechDrive" in July last year; an initiative to connect with the technology and auto enthusiasts across the country. We are extremely delighted with the response that we received from the autobuff community with over 3500 people participating in "Challengenext" - the auto quiz.
Through "Tech Drive” we have set out to partner with autobuffs in the country. Out of the 3500 people who participated we chose a select few to have special experiences with our team. With the launch of Bolt we are looking to reach out to a larger audience to engage with us on this forum.
Do check out the our other sections "Why Participate and the "Gallery to know more about the program.